In 1979 the president of the first HSV AARP Chapter realized the need for home health care in the Village.  With the help of Harriet Bishop and others a course called “Nursing Aide Theory and Lab” was conducted and 14 Villagers met the required minimum enrollment.

When it was discovered that no non-licensed health care worker could obtain medical liability insurance, research indicated that members of a non-profit group could be insured and the DeSoto Nursing Associates (DNA) was formed.

Dr. Seifert offered his DeSoto Center office for meetings.  In 1983 when the Edward D. Jones Co. office moved to DeSoto Center that became their base until they moved to the present Loan Closet location.

Some Villagers offered a hospital bed to be kept in the POA building downstairs storage area.  Many smaller donated medical items were stored in homes until the POA was persuaded to add a small room onto their plans for a new Village maintenance building maintenance behind the Police station on Calella Road for DNA use and thus the name the Loan Closet was chosen.

In 1986 there was a fund raising effort to build a facility to house home health equipment to be made available free of charge by the DeSoto Nursing Associates. 
Cooper Communities, Inc., agreed to donate the land needed for the project.  The 1,600 square foot building was planned to be located opposite the Public Safety parking lot.  Donations came from Villagers, clubs and many businesses.  The open house was held June 22, 1987.

In June 2004 a Consent Memorandum was processed changing the non-profit DeSoto Nursing Associates to the Village Loan Closet.

History of the Village Loan Closet